Untitled [Senior Thesis]  

Durational performance, video, sculptural installation (unrealized)

Untitled [Senior Thesis]  was my senior thesis project for the art major at Yale University. The project consisted of performance, video, and sculptural installation components. It used self-managed abortion to explore questions of biological, ontological, and epistemological reproduction.

The performance component took place over the period of an academic year and  entailed a precise bodily intervention:  From the 9th to the 15th day of my menstrual cycle, I used semen samples (collected from “fabricators”) to privately self-inseminate; on the 28th day of my cycle, I would ingest an herbal abortifacient, after which I would experience cramps and heavy bleeding.  This bleeding could have been either a normal period or a very early-stage self-induced miscarriage—the work was intentionally crafted so that not even I knew which.  As a result of these formal constraints, acts of biological reproduction were collapsed onto acts of reading (my own reading no more authoritative than that of any spectator).  I intended this piece to exist in its telling—a telling that was to take textual, visual, spatial, temporal, and performative forms, opening on to questions of material and discursive reproduction. 

The video documentation and sculptural installation for this work was banned by Yale, and I decided not to release any visual representation of the piece for the following decade. The sculptural installation has never been realized; the video documentation has since become part of subsequent pieces.

See Posters (2017) and Player (2008/2018).

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