Please Come Find Me (2012, 2009)


Please Come Find Me is a one-on-one performance project that I have presented at New York University as part of the conference “The Affect Factory” (2012) and at praxisMOHAVE in Desert Hot Springs, CA (2009).  The performance takes place during a reception in an enclosed space hidden from view, such as a closet. Folded hand-written notes (pictured) circulate as people drink and socialize, inviting audience members to enter the enclosed space one at a time.  The notes function as a score: they invite the viewer to ask me to perform something they think I have never done before, on the condition that both of us will keep the contents of the performance secret.   In this sense, the piece creates a closed space of knowing, circumscribing the circulation of information in order to allow for an expanded arena of performance and intimacy.