Nonconsensual Collaborations (2012-present)

Performance (2012-present) or digital video (2012-2014)

Nonconsensual Collaborations (2012-present) investigates the unmarked gendered dynamics of artistic collaboration, documenting a series of performances with other artists who did not agree to their participation. The video combines narration with clips and images from each of these encounters, which are degraded as a result of their exchange (via text message, email, etc.) between myself and the other artist.  The video documents the nonconsensual collaborations that took place between 2012-2014.  As a performance work, this project is ongoing.

This video was screened at the Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro X (Santiago, 2016), Artspace (New Haven, CT, 2018), and Marathon Screenings (Los Angeles, 2018).  Nonconsensual Collaborations has been performed as a performative lecture at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery (Dublin, 2016), Abrons Art Center (NYC, 2015), Performance Space (London, 2015), Critical Practices, Inc. (NYC, 2015).  A text based on this piece appears in The Journal of Feminist Scholarship as part of the “Special Issue: A Gun for Every Girl” (Spring 2017).