Banners (2018)

13oz vinyl banners, various dimensions

Banner (Yale Daily News), 8.5” x 724”

Banner (Adria Richards, Twitter), 5.3” x 258”

Banner (Nariman Tamimi, Facebook Live), 14.4” x 185”

Banner (Bahar Mustafa, YouTube), 14.4” x 1325.5”

Banner (Mark Fisher, The North Star), 8.5” x 368”

Each banner is composed of a screengrab of a continuous digital window—i.e., the comments section of an online publication, the responses to a Tweet or YouTube video, the path of a viral email, or the comments on a Facebook Live stream. The extremely long physical vinyl scrolls materialize moments in the lives of people who have been overexposed on the internet, which continue to exist online as digital monuments. Hung together, they are presented as banners of commonality rather than shame. Viewers are invited to pick-up, touch, and read the scrolls in order to read the original text and comments.