How does it feel to be a fiction? Zurich Virus (January 23-March 7, 2020)

"Viral" text, digital performance, sculptural installation (performance documentation via continuous screengrab of email inbox with personal information redacted (2017-2019), 13oz vinyl, 14.4in x 508in)

The fifth iteration, How does it feel to be a fiction? Athens Virus, was commissioned by Maria Bernheim Gallery for Structures of Feeling (curated by Piper Marshall) and explores the fiction or nowhere space of "the international." The sculptural installation in the gallery consists of documentation of the prior four iterations of the piece: a continuous screengrab of replies sent in response to various invitations to participate in the work. As is explained in the invitation, replies are not received by the person in whose name the invitation is sent, but are forwarded to an administrative email account monitored by the artist.