Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters

“Doom Donkey: Mick Barr's Drone of Information and The Rainbow Supremacy,Black Metal Rainbows: Queer Metal Anthology. eds. Daniel Lukes and Stanimir Panayotov) (forthcoming PM Press, 2021).

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Catalogue Essays

Various Entries, MoMA Highlights: 375 Works from the Museum of Modern Art (New York: Museum of Modern Art, Revised 3rd Edition, 2019).

“Lady Lumps,” The Rational Dress Society: Cultural Uniform (New York: Art in General, 2018).

Alienation, too, has its uses” (co-written with Begum Yasar), Adrian Piper (Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2017). [Alienation.pdf]

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Other Writing

“How does it feel to be a fiction?” Critical writing in conjunction with Public Opinion Laboratory/Andrew Lampert: Faked/Out, (New York: Recess, 2017).

“KANNON/CANON” (liner notes for studio album). Kannon. SunnO))) (Southern Lord: November 2016). [KANNON_CANON.pdf]


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“Shvarts Explains [...]”. The Yale Daily News, April 18 2008.  [Yale Daily News.pdf]

Selected Talks and Lectures

Hotline: Aliza Shvarts in Conversation with Sara Reisman. Performance-in-Place Series. The 8th Floor/Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation. NYC (2020).

Reinvention and Contention: An Incomplete History of the Whitney Biennial, 1932-Present. The Whitney Museum of American Art. NYC (2019). and [audio]

Utopian Aesthetics from Andy Warhol to Laura Owens [Critical Utopianism from Yoko One to Jimmie Durham]. The Whitney Museum of American Art. NYC (2017-2018). or and [audio]

The Practical Past: Intergenerational Feminisms (roundtable with Mary Kelly, Renee Green, Emily Apter, and Trista Mallory). Mitchell-Innes & Nash. NYC (2017).

This Space: Art and Nationhood [PARTICIPATION/OCCUPATION/BELONGING]. The Whitney Museum of American Art. NYC (2017). or and [audio]

“Consent/Dissent: A talk by Aliza Shvarts and Emma Sulkowicz” (lecture and screening). The 8th Floor/Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation. NYC (2016). and [video]